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Spa Granular Chlorine

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Leisuretime Warehouse by NJonas

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Quick Overview

Leisuretime Warehouse Spa Granular Chlorine is a concentrated compound prepared to destroy and control the growth of bacteria in spas and hot tubs


Product Description

Leisuretime’s chemical line-up is made specifically for your hot tub and swim spa and our granular chlorine can be added by capful to ensure you have the proper sanitizer level.


This granular has been made to dissolve instantly and can be added in half capful amounts.

Our granular chlorine is also formulated not to effect the levels of your Alkalinity and PH.  This is made to sanitize against all contaminants that get into the water from outside sources and help rid contaminants before they cause damage to your spa itself or the water in it. 


Directions for Use

It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with it’s labeling.


1.  Outdoor Spa Disinfection – Before bathing, test water, pH, chlorine residual and alkalinity using a suitable test kit.  Adjust chlorine residual to 3.0 ppm.  After bathing superchlorinate to 6.0 ppm (1 level tablespoon per 500 gallons of water).  Use a chlorine stabilizer, especially outdoors, to prolong chlorine residual.  Maintain pH of water between 7.2 and 7.6 and total alkalinity between 125 and 175 ppm with the addition of sodium bicarbonate or diluted muriatic acid.  This product does not affect pH or alkalinity of water.  One tenth oz. (1/2 tsp.) per 500 gal. of water gives 1.0ppm and 1 level tbsp. gives 6.0 ppm of chlorine.  To use, broadcast granules into water with jets running.  Bathing can start at once.

With 4 bathers in a 500 gal. spa, a 2.0 ppm chlorine residual can drop below the minimum 1.0ppm in 15-20 minutes.  Less water or more bather will accelerate loss.  Test often and keep chlorine residual above 1.0ppm.  Weekly, superchlorinate to 5.0 or 6.0 ppm (see 2 above).  Do not bathe until chlorine drops to 3.0 ppm.  Draining and cleaning of spa is recommended whenever the water becomes difficult to manage. 



Active Ingredient:


*Sodium Dichloro-S-Triazinetrione Dihydrate – 99%


Other Ingredients  -  1%


Total:  100%


*Available Chlorine:  55%

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